Sunday, August 29, 2010

Highlander in Tuscany

Translated by online tool:
Highlander and other VIPs in sauce and Tuscan accent, we are still talking to Adrian Paul, actor, director, producer, known to television audiences as the Italian famous in the successful Highlander series, arrived in Italy to choose the location for shooting his new film, entitled "Basel Legacy, the story of to village that is dying and that through its Mayor and the arrival of an alien, finds the strength to its Reconstruction. The film yourselves it it a message, if there is not a good ground not puo' grow nothing. The renewals will begin to May and will want us about 8 months, the names of the actors are still top secret. The film reveals to message, if there is no good ground can not 'grow nothing. The Filming starts in May and will take about eight months, the names of the actors are still top secret. After a stage in Sardinia, Adrian, martial expert of limbs, is passed from the Tuscany, to Pomarance (in the photograph with the co-producer Enzo De Feo), ancient village, partially restored, in the environs of Pisan Montecastelli.

After to visit to Sardinia, Adrian, martial arts expert, moved from Tuscany, Pomarance (pictured with co-producer Enzo De Feo), an ancient, partially renovated, near Pisan Montecastelli. From this zone different vip are passed, from Eros Ramazzotti, to Folco Qulici and Carlo of England, from Red Valentino, that ate homemade ravioli butter and saves to The Fortress of San Dalmazio, to Cardinal Claudia, to the restaurant Africa of Saline of Volterra, specialized in Florentine, ribollita, strudel, but no would have been waited for, a time met the hero of Highlander, of to hear speak it with a strong Tuscan accent…..Highlander made in Tuscany From this Area have passed several VIPs, by Eros Ramazzotti to Qulici Fulk and Charles, Red Valentino, who has eaten homemade ravioli with butter and sagas in The Fortress of San Dalmatia, Cardinal Claudia, the restaurant of Africa Saline Volterra, specializes in Florentine ribollita, strudel, but no one would expect, ounces met the hero of Highlander, to hear him speak with to strong Tuscan accent... .. Highlander Made in Tuscany

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