Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Peace Fund Radio Ep #31 Hegylako Visits Baby Girl at Hungarian Hospital

Hollywood star in the world are waiting to Kecskemét. The television series Highlander by Hollywood blockbuster star Adrian Paul will be there and since Monday (July 8), the Bacs-Kiskun Hospital Izsáki travel site of the Infant and Child Department of Perinatal department, where generous donors will be handed over to a 4.5 HUF million SiPAP ventilation apparatus for Dr. Clement "Gold Mom" ​​Edith. Met Dr. Clement's "Golden Mother" Edit dream One can save you a child's life.The County Hospital Perinatal Intensive Care Center department chief physician had the same dream is to obtain a special respirators provide advanced ventilation modes. The dream realization came together donors. Thanks to them, managed to buy more than 4.5 million forints engines, whose official opening will take place in Kecskemét hospital on Monday. A value of more than 4.5 million forints SiPAP ventilation equipment for the hospital did not have the - said the Kecskemét Hírhatárnak Dora Nagy Island, a hospital public relations manager. - The use of artificial respiration with fewer complications in the very low birth weight premature infants born more chance they get healed without sequelae. The machine gets the Famous premature Foundation, however, the department will be using pre-term.
http://www.rtlklub.hu/hirek/belfold/video/213105 (Video Interview)
http://www.kecskemeti-hirhatar.hu/galeria/adomanyokbol-gyult-ossze-egy-lelegeztetogep-ara-kecskemeten  (More Photos)

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