Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black Rose Press Conference at Hotel Metropol

Hollywood Reporter Russia Interview:
So, how do you live after the role of Duncan MacLeod, there is a sense of immortality?

Well, as my teacher of acting, playing a role that you bring to it something of their own, but also the role brings something into your life. Of course, playing for so many years Duncan MacLeod, I am brought to this character so much, I hope, and how much he gave me. And this, of course, changed my life. Although still far to immortality!

Once, at the beginning of your career, you had to play a Russian dancer, do you remember this part? Maybe she somehow helped you on location in Russia?
Yes, it was the role of the dancer Nikolai Rostov, his prototype was Mikhail Baryshnikov. I often think that role, because it was a great revelation, I had just arrived in Los Angeles, I do not even have an agent, he went to audition for the role and got it. Well, after that everything went the way things are. In Russian but I still did not say, alas. Fortunately, in this film I play an American police officer who does not have to speak in Russian.
But, nevertheless, you have to interact with the Russian on the subject? Tell us a little about your character.
My hero learns that to his team want to assign a Russian, and at first did not accept it, he believes that they themselves can handle, but it is a management decision and it is not discussed. Therefore, some time in the course of the film it's hard to accept that Russian policeman adds to the problems, but rather helps to solve these problems. And there happen and comic situations and dramatic. And yet, when a girl, babe Emily, played by Kristanna Loken, surprisingly does not begin competition for the attention of the girls, and vice versa, all together begin to work closely together.

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